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Bigfoot Endurance Members!


Thanks again for your recent orders of Bigfoot Endurance apparel!


For those of you who ordered Patagonia gear, we're expecting the shipment this week, at which time I'll get your items out to you ASAP.


For those of you who ordered the ChampSys cycling/running gear, we're expecting ChampSys to ship the items to us on April 9th, at which time I'll get your items out to you ASAP.


This has been our biggest order to date, and we've been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm that you all have shown.  If you get a chance, please send us pictures or post pictures on social media with the Bigfoot Endurance apparel.  It goes a long way in spreading awareness for our cause.


Lastly, many of you have inquired about the best way to explain Bigfoot Endurance to other people who ask you about it.  A good starting point is to say that Bigfoot Endurance is "a nonprofit organization that raises money and awareness for Parkinson's research through participation in endurance activities."  If you want to go into greater detail, you can tell them we raised over $15k last year for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, we don't keep any portion of the proceeds, we host an annual fundraising event each Fall (the Bigfoot Search Party), and it's easy to get involved!  We're always looking for new people.


Don't hesitate to send me us an email ( if you have any questions or suggestions.


Thanks again!

The Bigfoot Endurance Team



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