"Welcome to The Rock." - Sean Connery

What:  "Find Bigfoot's Rock"


When:  All May

Where:  Maryland

How to Win:

  • Watch for clues posted as stories on Bigfoot's Instagram account, @bigfootendurance.  A clue will be posted every Friday.

  • Use the clues to find the rock.  Once you find the rock, post a picture of the rock on your Instagram account.  Make sure (i) it's a post (not a story), and (ii) you tag @bigfootendurance.  You can leave the rock there!

  • Want to earn extra clues?  Tag @bigfootendurance in a post or story on Instagram, and we'll send you another clue (maximum 1 per week).


  • The first person to complete the steps above will receive a Bigfoot Endurance water bottle!


  • The rock was found at its first and second locations and has since been relocated.  See below for the clues for the new location!

clue 1.jpg
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