"Never!  Miss!  A Day!" - Dorgle, Smallfoot

In response to the cancellation of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, we are modifying the Bigfoot Endurance 2020 March Madness Challenge this year.  We hope that during this time of uncertainty, this friendly competition will be a bright spot.

To compete in the challenge, (i) exercise every day beginning on March 14th through March 31st, and (ii) post a picture or story on Instagram each day showing that you exercised (be sure to tag @bigfootendurance and set your account to "public").  If you complete these steps, you'll be entered to win a YETI 20 oz Rambler!

If no one exercises every day, the people who exercised for the most number of days will be entered to win, so don't give up!

Thanks for helping us raise awareness for Parkinson's research!

We'll post most of the competitors' pictures below.



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