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I.  Setup


  1. Bigfoot Buckets consists of two (2) buckets, two (2) balls, and four (4) paddles.

  2. The official distance between buckets is 29 feet (roughly 10 large paces for an adult).



II.  Gameplay


  1. Gameplay consists of four (4) players divided into two (2) teams of two (2) players.

  2. Members of the same team stand at opposite buckets.  Players alternate throwing and redirecting the ball.

  3. One player throws the ball and that player’s teammate may redirect the ball toward or into the bucket.

  4. Teams alternate throwing the ball.  An “inning” consists of a player from each team throwing the ball once to the opposite bucket.  Whichever team scored the most points in the previous inning has the honor of throwing the ball first.  If both teams score the same amount, then the team that threw first in the previous inning has the honor of throwing first again.  For example, if Players A1 and A2 are playing against Players B1 and B2, and Players A1 and B1 are standing at the same bucket, then the throwing order is as follows:  Player A1 (scores 1 point), Player B1 (scores 2 points), Player B2 (scores 0 points), Player A2 (scores 0 points), Player B1, and so on.



III.  Scoring


  • 3 points:  If the ball goes (and stays) inside the bucket, regardless of whether it is a direct shot or redirected


  • 2 points:  If the ball hits the bucket on a direct shot


  • 1 point:  If the ball hits the bucket after being redirected



IV.  Victory, Rebuttals, and Overtime


The team that gets to (or over) 21 first is the winner; provided, however, that after one team gets to (or over) 21, the other team gets “rebuttals”, during which the “rebutters” may continue taking turns and accumulating points for as long as the “rebutters” can continue scoring consecutive 3-pointers.  If, in doing so, the “rebutters” are able to get to (or over) 21, the game will go into overtime, and both teams will go back to having 13 points.  The “rebutters” throw second in the first inning of overtime.

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