"We really going swimming?" - Greg Palacorolla
No upcoming events at the moment

What:  Bigfoot Cup


When:  The first event, Bigfoot Buckets, will take place at 2pm on Saturday, August 1, 2020.

Events (Tentative schedule; no particular order at this point):

  • Cornhole

  • Home Run Derby

  • Bigfoot Buckets

  • Golf

  • Beer Pong

  • Darts

  • Pool

  • Bowling

  • Horse Shoes

  • Poker

  • Kan Jam

  • Survivor Flip Cup

  • Swimming

  • Dive Competition at Forest Hill

  • Paintball Capture the Flag

Cost/Prize Per Event:

  • $10 buy-in per event; winner take all at each event

Bigfoot Cup Champion:

  • At each event, contestants will receive points in descending order based on number of participants.  In other words, if there are 6 teams, 1st place gets 6 points, 2nd place gets 5 points, 3rd place gets 4 points, 4th place gets 3 points, 5th place gets 2 points, 6th place gets 1 point.

  • Bigfoot Cup Champion will receive a YETI trophy.

Beer Pong Rules:

  • Bonus Balls:  Bonus Balls can be purchased and thrown in place of a player's normal turn, as described below.

    • Orange Ball:

      • Cost:  $5

      • Value:  Counts as 2 cups (but cannot be used to eliminate the last cup)

      • Frequency:  If you purchase an Orange Ball, you can use it once in each game (no need to buy more than one).

      • When:  Any time.

    • Blue Ball:

      • Cost:  $5

      • Value:  Counts as 3 cups (but cannot be used to eliminate the last cup)

      • Frequency:  If you purchase a Blue Ball, you can USE IT ONCE (if you want to use another Blue Ball, you'll need to buy another Blue Ball).  Limit one Blue Ball per player per game.

      • When:  You can only use a Blue Ball when you are behind by 3 or more cups.

  • Teams will be randomly selected at the event

  • The tournament will be double elimination

  • 10 cups

  • Two re-racks during regulation.  One re-rack in overtime (regardless of how many re-racks were used during regulation).  No mid-turn re-racks.

    • Re-racks are limited to the following:

      • Six-cup or three-cup triangle

      • Olympics (triangle with no tip)​

      • Diamond

      • Upside-down three-cup triangle (aka diamond with no tip)

      • Sideways three-cup triangle

      • Line (limited to 3 cups)

      • Flat line (aka side-by-side)

    • For purposes of clarity, the following re-racks are prohibited:​

      • Diamond with a tip​

      • Line (4 cups)

  • Balls back if both players hit on the same turn

  • No bouncing

  • There are always rebuttals, no matter what, because rebuttals are fun.  During rebuttals each player gets to shoot until they miss.  Overtime consists of three cups.

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