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Zwift Indoor Group Rides


Indoor Bigfoot Endurance Group Rides are scheduled for 8pm to 9pm on most Mondays this winter.  Click here for a detailed schedule.


Everyone is welcome!  Be sure to add "[BIGFOOT]" to the end of your name on Zwift.  It will help us keep the group together.


We use Zwift for indoor training.  Click here for Zwift's guide on the gear you need to get started.  There is a lot of gear options out there, with big variations in cost, quality, and riding experience.  Below is Bigfoot Endurance's Zwift guide, which (in our experience) best balances these factors. 

  • Join Zwift:  Click here to join.

  • Trainer:  We recommend the CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Trainer.  This is considered a "Classic" trainer.  "Smart" trainers (which provide resistance at varying rates depending on the computer simulated terrain) are also available for more cash, but not necessary to get an enjoyable and beneficial experience from Zwift.  CycleOps also sells Leveling Cycling Blocks (these are sufficient) and Climbing Riser Blocks (these are overkill) to bring the front wheel up so that it is level with the rear wheel (which is raised by the trainer).  A 2" x 4" would also do the trick.

  • Computer:  You need a computer to run the program.  Click here for system requirements.  It looks like any computer purchased in the past few years is sufficient.

  • Bike:  You need a bike.  A road bike works best.  Even better, consider purchasing an indoor bike trainer tire.  These aren't essential, but are recommended so that you don't wear through normal rear road tires at a crazy rate.

  • Speed/Cadence Sensor:  This is the most confusing part.  You need (i) a speed and cadence sensor on your bike (click here for an example) and (ii) a USB ANT stick on your computer (click here for an example).  Some bikes have a built-in compartment on the frame to house the speed and cadence sensor, so you'll want to do a little research to find the device that is most compatible with your bike.





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