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"Never!  Miss!  A Day!" - Dorgle, Smallfoot

March Madness Challenge

It's just like any other NCAA bracket challenge, except that in order to stay eligible, you have to show that you exercised on every day that an NCAA Basketball Tournament game is played.  The winner receives a Bigfoot Endurance YETI 20 oz Tumbler!  Check out the standings and rules below!

Final Standings:

1.  @mflather bracket 1

2.  @mikevonparis

3.  @kfc_duh

4.  @sweatysquatch1

5.  @sweatysquatch8

6.  @sweatysquatch9

7.  @kfc_duh #2

8.  @trolleytrailtacocats - Angie

9.  @eabschultz Bracket 3

10.  @trolleytrailtacocats - Tony



1) The challenge is free to play!  If you'd like to make a donation, a suggested donation of $5 per bracket can be made here.

2) Join the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports group called Bigfoot Endurance MM Challenge by clicking here.


3) Create up to ten (10) brackets per person.

4) Make sure to use your Instagram name as the name of your bracket (e.g., "@squatchuilleoneal Bracket 1", "@squatcheemolajuwan", "@yetipippen", or "@larrybird") so that we can keep track.

5) Exercise on every day that an NCAA Basketball Tournament game is played.

6) Post a picture evidencing such exercise on Instagram as a story or regular post and tag @bigfootendurance on the day such game is played.

7) If you satisfy the rules above, you'll remain eligible to win, and your brackets will be scored and ranked at Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.

We'll post most of the competitors' pictures below.

You can find a schedule for March Madness here.  Good luck and thanks for playing!



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