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"But where?  Where is she?  Where could she be?" - P.D. Eastman

When:  September 18, 2020 through October 18, 2020

What:  Family-friendly 1-mile run/walk through the Hilton Area of Patapsco Valley State Park

How to Register:  Click here to register!


  • Upon registration, participants will receive a COURSE MAP showing the 1-mile course in the Hilton Area of Patapsco Valley State Park (1326 Hilton Ave, Catonsville, MD 21228).

  • To participate, complete the 1-mile course and try to find all 3 Bigfoot flags (orange triangular flags hanging in the trees).  Bonus points if you can find the 4th flag (which has really gone missing)!

  • When you finish, send an email to with the following:

    • Pictures with the Bigfoot flags (please let us know if we can repost on our website, Instagram, and social media)​

    • Your total time to complete the course

    • The number of flags you were able to locate

  • We'll create a leaderboard ranked by number of flags found, with the finishing time as a tiebreaker.

  • Also, consider posting pictures on Instagram with the tag #ptf2020 to encourage other people to participate!

  • Good luck on your Search for Sasquatch!

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