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From May 6th - May 10th, I will be completing 5 Ironmans (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run) in 5 days on 5 islands of Hawaii, as part of an event called the EPIC5.  In total, I will be covering 703 miles, so my goal is to raise $7,030 for Parkinson's research.  My father was diagnosed a few years ago, and thanks to him for passing on his stubbornness, this is how I want to raise awareness!!

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Bigfoot Endurance Incorporated is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.  All donations to Bigfoot Endurance Incorporated are tax deductible under IRC Section 170.  The entirety of your donation, after PayPal fees, goes directly to Parkinson's charities in the United States.  Bigfoot Endurance Incorporated does not retain a percentage of your donation.

Raised so far:  $10,215                       Goal:  $7,030

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Donor Comments:

3/12/19:  Crush it

3/12/19:  Go Suzy!! Xoxo

3/12/19:  good luck Suzy:)

3/12/19:  Can't wait to follow you on this journey!

3/12/19:  You are amazing!

3/12/19:  Great cause and great goal!  Good luck.

3/12/19:  Good luck!

3/13/19:  Go Suzy!

3/14/19:  Good Luck!  Hope your old body holds up ;)

3/15/19:  Good luck!

3/16/19:  Good Luck, Suzy! We share your passion for Parkinson's-Kathy & Jim Hobart

3/16/19:  Way to go, Suzy. Truly EPIC and going for a great cause.

3/16/19:  We'll be cheering for you!!! Emily & Jonathan

3/17/19:  Rock it, woman!  We'll be cheering you from VA.  Scott & Amy

3/17/19:  Go get it, Suzy!

3/18/19:  The girls each chipped in for this donation.  Thanks for inspiring them!

3/18/19:  Never give up never quit.

3/18/19:  Go Suzy!

3/18/19:  This is so awesome, Suzy.  You are an amazing inspiration to us all!!

3/20/19:  Respect!

3/21/19:  Go Suzy Go!!  You are a rockstar

3/21/19:  Good luck!  I will be rooting for you!

3/22/19:  Good luck Suzy.  Crush it!!

3/22/19:  Honored to crew for this STRONG, INSPRING, AND SELFLESS WOMAN in Hawaii.  You will be AMAZING! Love you!​

3/22/19:  You go Mrs. Serpico!  Love, Sophia and Julia Weaver

3/22/19: You will dominate this challenge.  You are a Goddess!  Admiringly, The Stanilaus Family

3/23/19:  Way to go Suzy!!

3/24/19:  Suzi, you are inspirational!

3/27/19:  Good luck Suzy! -Drew and Franny Enstice​

3/28/19:  I cannot even conceive of doing something so challenging!  Wishing you the best! <3

3/29/19:  Proud of you Suzy!!

3/31/19:  You got this!!!  We will be with you every step of the way.  Love you <3

4/1/19:  Go Suzy Serpico!

4/1/19:  Inspiring in so many ways!

4/6/19:  LOVE YOU TO THE SKY AND BACK!!!! Go get 'em, girl!!!! <3<3<3 xo, the McCreas​

4/8/19:  Good Luck Suzy!

4/9/19:  Suzy - Here's to your big dreams and your big heart.  Remember who loves you!  Mom & Dad

4/11/19:  What an amazing cause and what an amazing thing you're doing!  Our dad has Parkinson's as well so thank you thank you thank you.​

4/12/19:  Good luck!

4/15/19:  Thank you Suzy for supporting Parkinson's Research

4/18/19:  Suzy, do your best!  You've worked hard for this!!

4/20/19:  You've got this!

4/20/19:  You are amazing!!

4/20/19:  What about the 6th island? - Randall Calvert

4/21/19:  In honor of our family and friends impacted by this disease.  Remember to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you during your journey through the islands.  Mahalo!

4/23/19:  Couldn’t think of a more deserving, kindhearted, kickass human being and cause <3 We love you!​

4/23/19:  Go Suzy!!

4/23/19:  I think you are a nut but what a worthy cause.  Best of luck!  You are amazing!!

4/23/19:  Go Suzy!! You are amazing.

4/25/19:  Go Suzy!

4/25/19:  Go Suzy go!

4/25/19:  I am in awe of your determination!!!!  This will be awesome!

4/26/19:  I can't wait to follow your epic adventure!​

4/27/19:  Good luck!  As a PT I adamantly support Parkinson's Research!

5/6/19:  Thinking of you as you will start your EPIC 5 journey tomorrow!  Have a great time!  You will SMASH it!  Tracy

5/7/19:  Get it Suzy!  So inspiring!  Your dad is proud of you!

5/8/19:  You've got this Suzy!!!

5/10/19:  Go Suzy, Go!!

5/12/19:  So proud to support you and this charity.  #sharingthepassion

5/13/19:  Congrats Suzy!!!

5/13/19:  Congrats Suzy!  You are amazing!

5/14/19:  Super proud of you!

5/24/19:  So proud of you <3

Training Updates:

3/15/19:  Training day #1 of 3 done. Today was 4000 swim, 5 hour ride OUTSIDE and 3 mile walk run!!!!  Help support me in my EPIC 5 journey by making a donation to Parkinson’s through an amazing organization Bigfoot Endurance.

3/16/19:  Today was 4000 swim, 6 hour ride, and a 2 hour run.  In my EPIC 5 journey I am raising awareness for Parkinson's through Bigfoot Endurance.  Please check out to make a donation

3/17/19:  Day #3 done:)  4000 swim, 5 hour trainer ride, and 2 hour run.  Click the link to support my journey and make a donation to Bigfoot Endurance to benefit Parkinson's.

3/18/19:  7 weeks from today will be day # 1 of my EPIC 5 journey!!! My dad is one of my best friends and proud to raise funds in his honor for Parkinson’s through Bigfoot Endurance :)

3/21/19:  6 weeks from today I will be departing to Hawaii for the EPIC 5:)  I wish u could all be there to cheer but since u can't one way to support is to make a donation in honor of my dad to Bigfoot Endurance to benefit Parkinson's!  Thank u so much to those that already have <3 <3

3/23/19:  No surprise another big EPIC weekend of training :) it’s been 7 years since one of my biggest fans was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Through EPIC 5 I’m trying to bring awareness and make my dad proud. Check out the link to donate to Bigfoot Endurance to benefit Parkinson’s.

3/28/19:  5 weeks til I leave for EPIC 5 and almost halfway to my fundraising goal:)  As daddy's little girl hoping to bring awareness to Parkinson's on this 5 day journey!!  As the sticker says "I'm in the fight against Parkinson's cause I love my dad"  Please click if you can make a donation Bigfoot Donation:)

3/31/19:  This weekend was full of a swim long bike and a marathon run!!!getting closer and closer to EPIC 5 and my fundraising goal 😉 please support me by making a donation to Bigfoot endurance to benefit Parkinson’s in honor of my dad💕💕

4/1/19:  Four weeks till I leave for EPIC 5 and ironically I hit the $4,000 mark today!!!!!!! Thank u so much to everyone for the donations and kind words. Keep them coming as I have $3,030 left to raise for Parkinson’s through Bigfoot Endurance in honor of my dad💕💕

4/8/19:  This post has been a long time coming but I just have not been able to find the words to express how grateful I am to these 3 people for joining me for EPIC 5. These 3 people are putting their life on hold for a little over a week to join me in Hawaii and be part of my crew. Many people don't realize how crucial the crew is, and trust me when I say yes its Hawaii but far from a relaxing vacation!!! In exactly 4 weeks we will be starting Ironman #1 of #5. These 3 people will get less sleep than I do, spend a majority of the trip in a van, feed me, and basically be my life support:) Mark NaphinStephanie Blades and David Blades no amount of words will ever cover how thankful I am. Lets make it EPIC:)

4/11/19:  Today is World Parkinson’s Day!! Please help me honor the day and my dad by making a donation to my Bigfoot Endurance page. Raising funds through my EPIC 5 journey. $7,030 is the goal for 703 miles I will be covering over 5 days. Getting closer and closer to the event and my goal 💕💕💕💕💕

4/18/19:  Wow wow wow on so many levels!!!! This time in 2 weeks will be on a plane heading to Hawaii for EPIC5. Even more excited is that I have hit $6,300 in my fundraising for Bigfoot Endurance and Parkinson’s research. Only $730 to go to hit my goal 💕💕Thank u to everyone who has donated so far and for all the kind words. 

#bigdreamsbigheart #teamsheehylexus #daddyslittlegirl #ripit #epic5

4/21/19:  My heart is beyond full!!!!! I have surpassed my fundraising and can’t begin to put into words how thankful not only I am but my father too. The support and kind messages mean so much and will carry it during the 5 days. 2 weeks from tomorrow it’s go time:) Still time if u would like to donate for Parkinson’s

4/25/19:  OMG OMG OMG cannot believe this time next week we will be on a plane heading to Hawaii for EPIC 5!!!!!!! All the emotions going on.  I am so thankful for all the people who have supported me through this journey whether it be with training, advice, motivational messages and most importantly those that made donation to BigFoot Endurance for Parkinson’s in honor of my dad. Still time to donate if u would like. 

5/5/19:  From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank each of everyone of u for all the messages and Parkinson’s donations....I am truly blessed❤️❤️❤️ Tomorrow I will start with my heart full and a huge smile on my face. I am in amazing hands and know my crew and I will get it done. #sheeylexusteam#bigfootendurance #bigdreamsbigheart #igettodothis

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