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The Bigfoot Biathlon is a low-key cyclocross ride mixed with some target shooting (to be honest, the "target shooting" is throwing a golf ball into a bucket, so it's more similar to a carnival game than it is to firing a weapon).  If you don't hit enough targets, you have to complete a special penalty lap while you're mocked and ridiculed (unless you're a kid, in which case you'll be cheered and high-fived), before you can return to the course.

It's held every once in a while when the weather is good and the participants are interested.  Contact to get on the mailing list.  You'll receive information about time (probably on a Saturday morning) and location (probably in Ellicott City, Maryland) leading up to the event.

Like we said, it's pretty low-key.  Now that we've been super vague, here are some details:

Course:  A lap around the course will take each biathlete approximately 5 minutes.  Upon completion of each lap, the biathlete will get off their bike and attempt to throw 3 golf balls into a bucket placed about 15 feet from the biathlete.  If the biathlete fails to make at least 1 of 3 shots, they will have to do a special penalty lap (about the distance of a perimeter of a softball field) before they will be deemed to have completed their lap.

Overview:  Depending on the attendance and on the vibe, we might do solo races, multiple laps, relay races, and/or kids races (on a shorter course).

Required Equipment:  Any kind of bike will do.  Cyclocross bikes are best.  Mountain bikes will work.  Road bikes will probably be really difficult because it's going to be grass, dirt, and gravel.  Helmets are required.  To avoid spreading germs, every biathlete will have their own golf balls (which must be carried at all times) and their own bucket (which will stay in the bucket area).  Buckets are available for purchase from Bigfoot Endurance for $10/bucket and special Bigfoot Endurance golf balls are available for an additional $10/set.  You can bring your own golf balls and/or buckets, but buckets must be regulation 5 gallon buckets available from Home Depot in the orange, clear, or white variety.  Referees reserve the right to prohibit the use of non-regulation buckets and/or subject adult users of non-regulation buckets to ridicule.

Fun Kids Stuff:  We'll have a kids "race" as well.  We'll also have a contest each season to see who can decorate their bucket the best.  All participants in the bucket decorating contest will receive Bigfoot Endurance sunglasses, and the winner will get a special prize (TBD).

Unlock the Bigfoot Biathlon Jersey:  If you compete in FIVE Bigfoot Biathlons, you'll unlock the special jersey (shown below) that is only available for purchase by riders who have competed in FIVE Bigfoot Biathlons!

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