"You know what?  This whole thing's insane.  I'm out." - Migo, Smallfoot

Cost:  It's free!  This makes sense, since this is a do-it-yourself, self-supported ride.  No food, water, aid, mechanical assistance, or other support will be provided by Bigfoot Endurance or any other person, and Bigfoot Endurance is not responsible in any way for your safety on the course.

Who:  Anyone!  Feel free to ride it on your own or with a group.  And feel free to ride a shorter distance, whatever you want!  It's an out and back route, so you'll likely see other Bigfoot riders no matter what approach you take.  Let us know if you're going to participate so we can give you a (socially distanced) high five on the trail!

What:  Eighty miles (or less, if you want) along the North Central Railroad Trail (NCR Trail).  It's a mixture of pavement, dirt, and gravel.  It's pretty flat.  Cyclocross bikes are best.  Mountain bikes also work.  Road bikes will work if the trail is dry.

When:  Saturday, February 27, 2021.  Feel free to start whenever you want.

Where:  Starting at Mile Zero of the NCR Trail (we suggest parking near 3 Stone Row Court, Cockeysville, Maryland).

Why:  Because it's there!  Two of our members (Mike Martin and Mike von Paris) are turning 40 this year, so we've combined their ages to make 80 abominable miles.  Don't feel like you have to do the whole thing, though, or even that you have to know either of the Mikes.  It's all for fun and the more the merrier!

SPECIAL FEATURE: Unlock the new jersey!  If you complete the entire 80 miles of The Abominable Eighty, you'll unlock the special jersey (shown below) that is only available for purchase by riders who have completed either The Abominable Eighty or The Sasquatch Century!

The special-edition jersey design was inspired by the high-viz design on the back of a vehicle spotted on the road, like the one shown below.  After the design was finalized, we discovered that the vehicles that feature this design often also feature a caution, "MAKES FREQUENT STOPS".


We couldn't have said it better.

Whether you're more excited about the bicycling or the frequent stops, we hope you'll join us! 

Suggested Packing List (Note:  For some of these items, only 1 is needed per group, so coordinate with your fellow riders):

  • Multi tool

  • Tire levers

  • Hand pump

  • Spare tubes

  • Spare tires

  • Shoe covers

  • Knee warmers

  • Gloves

  • Sunglasses

  • Vest/jacket

  • Helmet

  • Water bottles

  • Gatorade

  • Phone

  • Watch

  • Credit Card

  • RoadID

  • Winter hat

  • Balaclava

  • Snacks

  • Bone broth

  • Body glide

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