"I beat that guy!" - Mike Down

Hall of Squatches (List of Champions)

Indoor Cycling Series:

  • 2019 (Fall):  Matt Teeters

  • 2019 (Winter):  Matt Teeters

  • 2018 (Fall):  Laura Calvert

Two-Hour Challenge:

  • 2019:  Mike Von Paris; Suzy Serpico

Relay Challenge:

  • 2019:  Mike Lombardo, Katrina McGowan, Danny Serpico, Suzy Serpico, and Chris Sproule

  • 2018:  Mike Down, Phil Hayes, Eric Long, Greg Long, and Matt Riggin

Centennial Mile Challenge:

  • 2019:  Mike Von Paris; Riley Collins

  • 2018:  Randy Collins; Sam Collins

March Madness Challenge:

  • 2019:  Michelle Calvert

Cornhole Tournament:

  • 2019:  Andy Flather and Arin Geletley

Beer Mile:

  • 2018:  Carle Stenmark; Lindsay Teeters

Bigfoot Search Party:

  • 2017:  JL Feeley, Brad Loveless, Jimmy Plank, and AJ Tinnirella

  • 2016:  Katie DiMartino, PJ DiMartino, Greg Palacorolla, and Katelyn Palacorolla






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